Potential Change for Mass Effect 3
Monday, August 30, 2010 at 06:25PM

Potential Change for Mass Effect 3


August 30, 2010

Hidden Valley Lake, California




This article contains plot spoilers for Mass Effect 2.




Mass Effect 2 introduced loyalty quests into the series. All of the members of the squad Commander Shepard recruited had loyalty quests. Completing them unlocked bonus powers for each squad member. There is an achievement for completing each loyalty quest, but more importantly it is necessary to complete a squad member's loyalty quest for them to survive the final battle. If a squad member's loyalty quest is not completed before the final battle, they will be distracted during the conflict and be killed.

However, there could be a change coming to that system in Mass Effect 3. There is nothing concrete, but some developers behind the Mass Effect series at BioWare found the loyalty system in another BioWare project, Dragon Age: Origins,  to be far superior to what they came up with in the loyalty quests.

In Dragon Age: Origins, players earned the loyalty of their teammates by having positive dialogue interactions with each teammate and making choices that each teammate liked. There were character specific quests, but they did not result in making a teammate completely loyal. Teammates achieved different bonuses as they became progessively more loyal. There was also a system of gift giving to increase a teammates loyalty, which would probably not work very well in the worl of Mass Effect. However, keep an eye out for this system to appear in some form in Mass Effect 3 in place of the single mission loyalty quests featured in Mass Effect 2.




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