Recap of Vic Darchinyan vs. Victor Burgos
Friday, October 15, 2010 at 05:27PM
Showtime Cahampionship Boxing
March 3, 2007
Home Depot Center-Carson, California
IBF Flyweight Championship Match: Vic Darchinyan (c) vs. Victor Burgos:
In round 2 Burgos takes a few good punches but then backs up and decides to take a knee and compose himself taking the eight count getting up at six. Burgos survives round 2, but is standing too far away and allowing the bigger Darchinyan to control the fight. The replay shows the knockdown was off of a left hand to the body. Round 3 saw some craziness as at one point Darchinyan started fighting with one hand behind his back, but then Burgos started to rally and scored well in the round making it really exciting for about a minute and may have even stolen the round on some scorecards. After four rounds the unofficial press row scoring is every round for Darchinyan, but Al Bernstein at the broadcast table gave round 4 to Burgos. Darchinyan and Burgos feet came together in round 7 and a punch/push nearly sent Darchinyan to the ground. Darchinyan was able to save himself by catching himself on the ropes and the referee had ruled it a slip anyway, but it angered Darchnyan who really got it into gear after that. Darchinyan has never been down either as an amateur or pro and that just made him get more active in looking to end the fight. By the end of round 8, Burgos has a mark under his left eye and another above his right eye. Darchinyan looks completely fresh and unhurt, even not sitting on his stool for the whole time between rounds looking to get back to action quicker. Press row scoring after 8 rounds has Darchinyan pitching a shutout on the cards. Burgos is showing a ton of heart, but not a lot of signs of hope for pulling this fight out. Burgos survives round 10, but just barely and if Burgos goes down the referee will definitely stop the fight and possibly even if he doesn't. Burgos may be too tough for his own good. In round 11, Burgos was hurt again, but survived. Finally, in round 12 Darchinyan finishes Burgos when the referee steps in and stops the fight. Burgos becomes the first fighter to extend Darchinyan to 12 rounds, but still officially loses by TKO. Burgos never went down in round 12, but the referee stoppage was totally appropriate. Burgos is going to leave on a stretcher this is scary.  If anything bad results from tonight it is on Burgos' corner. Burgos is being taken to UCLA medical center. Post fight talk has switched from the fact that Darchinyan was so confident in a first round KO that he made dinner reservations that he missed because the fight was still in progress to a very scary scene. Darchinyan is not celebrating at all and looks quite distraught to say the least at the result of this fight. The report on the scene is that the damage is from an accumulation of blows throughout the fight. Burgos vital signs are good. Burgos' pulse rate and heart rate are good, but he is "just out of it". This information is accurate as of immediately post fight, about 7:15 PM Pacific time. Dr. Paul Wallace said Burgos' was going in and out of conscious. Burgos never fully lost consciousness, but he wasn't responding properly. Then he lost most of his body control. When he left the Home Depot Center in the ambulance he was conscious and his vital signs were normal. When Jim Gray asked the Dr. Wallace if there were concerns of anything life threatening the doctor responded with they "are always concerned with regards to anybody boxing". I did not find that reassuring. The HBO broadcasters emphasize their thoughts and prayers are with Victor Burgos and I would like to echo that. Victor Burgos fell down on a slip/push moments before the fight was stopped. The referee had Burgos stand up and as Burgos started walking once the fight was restarted it was clear his legs just weren't there. The referee noticed this as Burgos moved towards a corner where Darchinyan caught Burgos with a left hand. It appears the referee was seriously considering stepping in before the punch was thrown, but after the punch was thrown the referee moved in to stop the fight. Unfortunately the referee did not move in fast enough to stop one more left from the southpaw.
Then in the worst time for an MMA ad ever, Showtime has a reporter, Karyn Bryant say, "Well, we have seen the intensity of punches tonight with Darchinyan and Burgos. Think about adding knees, elbow, kicks to the mix and that's where you have mixed martial arts. ..." She says the whole thing smiling. I understand she has to promote something, but I may just be sick. Highlights are shown of the EXC event including Gracie taking the knees to the head and being unable to continue right after what we just saw in the ring. Now they are interviewing Bill Goldberg and she is still smiling. Goldberg is not.  Now Goldberg is having to answer the do people die in MMA question and answers MMA is just as safe as boxing which at this particular moment is about the worst answer to give. The interviewer keeps trying to stress how much more violent it is and how cool that is. Now they are bringing on Gina Carano to be interviewed (as an aside on her fight the cabbage fight and all the prelims from the show can now be viewed for free). Gina Carano is smiling as they bring her on. Nothing of note in the interview except then they send it back to Al Bernstein and Steve Albert faking mediocre smiles.
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